Advocating on our
behalf since 1933


Proposed State and Federal Regulations, and Legislation affect us all.

NHGA Government Relations Initiative

Advocate. Communicate. Educate.


The leaders of NHGA have long realized the importance of government relations. To achieve this, several grocers voluntarily accepted assignments to participate on a special Fair Trade Committee. They also believed in staying affiliated with other organizations that represented their interest in Washington by paying national dues and sending representatives to national meetings. In 2019, NHGA attained a professional government relations firm, RYP Granite Strategies, located in Concord, New Hampshire,

Every retailer and supplier is impacted by the laws, regulations, and policies passed in Washington DC and in our state capitols and local governance offices across the country. A strong government relations presence is a critical part of how NHGA successfully fulfills and achieves internal and external goals.

Through our Legislative Report, which is a free, members-only forum, we continue to communicate with our members the regulatory and legislative changes affecting the food industry and the way you do business in the granite state.

NHGA believes by educating policy-makers about issues affecting the food industry we can influence public policy at all levels of governance: local, regional, national, and even global.


The State We Are In

(Left to Right) David G. Collins, President of RYP Granite Strategie, Gina R. Powers, Director of Government Relations, Glenn Wallace, Manager of Government Relations, Rich Parson, Coordinator of Government Relations, Kyle R. Baker, Government Relations Advisor

Legislative Review

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Meet the Team Advocating for NHGA

RYP Granite Strategies, located in Concord, New Hampshire, is the professional government relations affiliate of the law firm of Rath, Young and Pignatelli, PC. Experienced and connected, their team helps clients both large and small navigate the legislative process and the workings of state government.

The RYP Granite Strategies team is comprised of accomplished professionals with diverse backgrounds, talents and relationships. They are known, respected and trusted both under the State House Dome and at all the state’s executive agencies. Their bipartisan relationships and fundamental understanding of client needs will serve our membership well in the often complicated and always demanding world of legislative and government services.

Their experience includes:

  • Leading legislative efforts to provide a funding mechanism to benefit the OHRV industry;
  • Successfully crafting a business tax credit and workforce program for the Regenerative Manufacturing Industry;
  • Securing legislation legalizing sports betting;
  • Establishing a pro-business and regionally competitive registration methodology for private and corporate aircraft; and
  • Representing the franchising industry in the successful modification of state law clarifying the relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee.

Government Related Education Foundation [G.R.E.F]

About G.R.E.F

Founded in 1992, the NHGA Government Relations Education Fund (GREF) augments NHGA’s legislative activities in a host of ways to preserve your business’ rights. GREF’s purposes are primarily educational and for advocacy of critical issues affecting the food and beverage industries. GREF monies come directly from businesses throughout the industry including retailers, wholesalers, vendors, brokers and manufacturers. In addition, a small percentage is received from personal contributions. GREF funds cannot be used to support candidates for election.

How Does G.R.E.F. Work?

GREF has been established by the NHGA Board of Directors to raise funds which will be used to:
Educate members of the State’s Legislature on issues which affect the food industry. Increase the political and legislative visibility of the food industry in the State’s Capitol. Influence key policy decisions through a comprehensive political education program. Aggressively interact with all state agencies on rules and enforcement procedures.

G.R.E.F. Action Plan

Create opportunities for members to meet and influence key decision makers through personal agency visits or Public Hearings. Provide members with accurate information about critical economic issues affecting them and the State. Maintain immediate access and knowledge to State and Federal Laws, Regulations, pending Legislation, elected officials and agencies through electronic communication and our website.