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Influence legislative and regulatory issues through advocacy

Influence legislative and regulatory issues through advocacy

Influence legislative and regulatory issues through advocacy

Influence legislative and regulatory issues through advocacy

Invest in your business, employees and your industry

Influence legislative and regulatory issues through advocacy

Influence legislative and regulatory issues through advocacy

Gain Access to Seminars, Conferences,
and Association Events

Member-Only Programs

ALERT! Emergency Management Programs
ATM Program
Business Insurance
All lines of business insurance
Coupon Redemption Program
Turn redeemed coupons into cash
Credit/Debit Card Processing
Member only discounted Credit Card Processing
Dental Insurance
Group Dental Rates – special member pricing

Energy Discount Programs
Health Insurance
For businesses that want to start a program to cover employees or for individual coverage
Life & Disability Insurance
Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program
Self-Insured Workers’ Comp Program offering members discounted premiums with dividend earning potential
Payroll Services
Discounted fees on your payroll processing

Scholarship Program
Program for your employees and their children which awards thousands of dollars in scholarship payments annually
News & Food Report Monthly Magazine
Annual Who’s Who Membership Directory
Educational and Networking Events
Seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibits
Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities
Increase your ROI with advertising and sponsorship opportunities in NHGA publications, event material and
on the NHGA website

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an NHGA member?

Simple! Your company/organization can join NHGA by filling out our membership application. The application can be submitted online or mailed to our office.

Become a retailer member

Become a supplier member

Where can I see a list of current NHGA members?

All NHGA members are listed in our online Membership Directory and within our annual Who’s Who Member Directory. Access to our Member Directory is restricted to current NHGA members only.

What is the difference between a retail membership and a supplier membership?

Retailer members typically comprise any retail food business from the small convenience store to the major supermarket chain.

Supplier members,  however, tend to be any non-retail company/organization that support retailers in some way, whether that is as a wholesaler, manufacturer, or a service provider.

Does NHGA offer corporate sponsorships?

Yes! NHGA offers several corporate sponsorship packages (aka Medallist Sponsors) ranging from bronze to platinum. For information on becoming a Medallist sponsor, please call or email us.

Hear What Our Members Are Saying...

After 20 years of business and over a dozen different credit card processors, we’ve finally found a program that meets all of our requirements. John Howell, the program representative, is a true professional that is dependable, knowledgeable, and has consistently answered any questions I’ve had for him. Compared to other programs where we had a different rep every time we called, we take solace in the fact that we’ll be dealing with the same individual who knows me and my business. On top of that, the savings we’ve realized from switching have been substantial!

—Hayley Barnet, Alton Village Store
Credit Card Processing

I can’t say enough positive things about NHGA’s energy program. Unlike my last provider, Sprague Energy provides much more than just an energy solution. Bob Savary with Sprague Energy is a true professional who is knowledgeable, responsive, dependable, and offers exceptional customer service. He simplified a convoluted transition process due to my last provider. He created a custom solution for my business that has significantly reduced my energy costs and prepared me for future market fluctuations. Moreover, I am always informed of essential market and procurement intelligence to help me take control of my energy costs. In short, Bob is an energy consultant that understands my business and helps me to create a long-term energy strategy to brace against an ever-evolving industry.

—Ed Penta, McKinnon's Market

I moved my workers’ comp and saved money over my previous policy. I would recommend that all grocers take the time to look at a quote. Workers Comp is a necessary evil, so why pay more than you have to. In addition, I am eligible for a dividend check each year based on the claims experience of the group. That has further reduced my business cost each year. The best part is, I do not sacrifice any service at these low costs. When an accident has occurred, the service to the business and associate has been professional and timely.

—Phil Tucker, Aldrich General Store
Worker's Comp

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